RP: Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Who: Lavender Brown
Where: Mirror, Mirror
When: 4 May 2001, early afternoon

Lavender Brown

Normally Lavender would be really annoyed about having to work on a Saturday despite the deal she’d made to have the day of the Badger Festival off. (One could make a deal, after all, but that didn’t mean one couldn’t pout about it afterward.) However, given the looks she’d been receiving around the village for the past couple of days, she was almost glad to be tucked away in the boutique away from most people.

She knew why people were looking at her that way, but it still hurt. Yeah, she was a werewolf and, yeah, Orpington had been scummy to her. Hell, she wasn’t sad that he was dead after the things that he’d said to her, not at all, and after the temper he’d put her in, she might very well have done it herself given the opportunity, but that didn’t make it any better that her neighbors thought she was a murderer. Nobody lent a murderer a cup of sugar.

She was fetching a few more things for Tristan Montgomery to try on, when suddenly the door to the boutique crashed open and she turned to give whoever was being so uncouth a glare. Before she had a chance to speak, however, she was tackled to the ground by a man who was three times her size.

Luckily, she was still two times his strength and quickly had him on his back, as she snarled in a distinctly not human manner and an otherworldly glow lit her eyes. She didn’t like signs of her otherness to show, but she could hardly help it when she was under attack. Two more men grabbed her from behind and, still struggling, she managed to knock one of them clear across the room and into a rack of dresses before several more Hit Wizards arrived to help subdue her.

“You’re under arrest,” one of them informed her, wiping blood from his mouth before spitting on her. “For the murder of Xavier Orpington.”

Lavender’s cries of protest went unheard as they immediately Apparated her out of the shop and away to the Ministry for questioning.

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