Owl Post

28 April 2001

To: Gavin MacDougal
From: Ophelia Selwyn

Ophelia Selwyn

Mr. MacDougal,

I noticed that you never returned to claim any of your belongings since the other night you coward. Please allow me to do you the courtesy of sending your clothes along. I do hope the shrinking spells I used can be reversed easily: for a man who hates shopping, you have such an extensive wardrobe and I could scarcely expect one owl to carry them all as they were.

Ophelia C. Selwyn

[Included is a bundle including every piece of clothing Gavin owned, from hats to briefs to boots, all of which have been shrunk with such a tangle of spells that he’ll either have to have it undone by a professional seamstress or buy an entirely new wardrobe.]

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