Owl Post

26 April 2001

To: Percy Weasley
From: Gawain Robards

Gawain Robards

Dear Mr Weasley,

I knew of your dramatic resignation from the Ministry years ago, but never would I have imagined you to be working under Orpington. Of course, people need consultants and while I know Calliope Heights has gained a lot of notoriety attention and importance, consulting only works if consultants’ advice is taken on and it seems to me Orpington takes advice from nobody.

Normally I would keep out of your business, but yesterday I witnessed an altercation between Orpington and Miss Brown, in which the former launched a vicious tirade against her person, reducing her to tears and fleeing. Everyone was in shock. I gather Orpington found out the young lady in question is a werewolf and pretty soon everyone here will know about it as well. Things will get ugly.

Orpington’s position in the village is rapidly becoming untenable. Disassociate yourself before it’s too late. This career was already beneath you and I’d hate to see you be dragged down with him.

Aim higher, Mr Weasley Percy. You were junior assistant to the Minister once, you can be so once again.

Warm regards,
Gawain Robards

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