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22 April 2001

To: Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones, Henrietta Davies & family, Barney Dunstan, Astoria and Daphne Greengrass, Wayne Hopkins, the Jones family, Ernie Macmillan, Eloise Midgen, Gwen Montgomery, Isolde Montgomery, Tristan Montgomery, Gavin Orpington, Xavier Orpington, the Perks family, the Singh family, Veronica Smethley, Elliot Wickersham & family
From: Zacharias Smith

Zacharias Smith

Dear [invitee name charmed here],

The Badger Festival is held every year, and year after year you have supported it with pride. It is only proper that your efforts and dedication, not only in regard to the Festival but daily in how you make Helga’s Hill the town that it is — vibrant, lovely, welcoming — be recognised.

So, in honour of this year’s Festival, you are cordially invited to a celebration to be held at Smith Manor.

Of course, every town needs growth and change to prosper, so we do not forget the new faces among us. This will also be an opportunity for you to connect with members of the community and be formally welcomed into the fold.

The event will be held on Monday 6th May, starting at 7pm. There will be a formal sit-down dinner followed by dancing and light entertainment. Smith Manor is at 1 Loyalty Drive. The ballroom and gardens will be opened especially. Dress is black tie. Please RVSP Monday 29th to Zacharias Smith.

We hope to see all present.

Yours Sincerely,
Zacharias Smith

on behalf of the Mayor

Dear Zacharias Smith,

Thank you so so much for inviting me to your party!!! I love dancing and I will be happy to come. I hope it is okay if I wear a dress without a tie because I think that might look a little bit silly.

Love your friend,
Veronica Q Smethley

Veronica Smethley

Sounds lovely, I’ll be there! You know, for all that Helga’s Hill is a quiet little town, I’ve been averaging about one party invitation per week — not too bad!

Are you your father’s social secretary now?


PS I’ve never noticed before it’s called Loyalty Drive… how charmingly Hufflepuff!

Astoria Greengrass
Zacharias Smith


It’s kind of not as bad as being a secretary, and at the same time, kind of worse. Remember when we were talking jobs earlier? Well, I needed to find one or I was going to have to make my own way in the world, all my belongings in one rucksack, etc etc.

I talked to Quidditch clubs but now is not the right time to put it mildly. I can’t see myself doing much else and so my only reprieve is to host this party. I’m glad you’re attending, though.


Yes!! Thank you!

But I hope you’re still coming to the Badger. I know you said you don’t drink, do you still eat fish and chips? Because there’s beer in the batter but mum says it cooks out and I don’t think it tastes like beer, not too much anyway but we can use a less beery tasting beer if that makes it taste less like beer?

Oh but dad wanted me to ask if our invitation was for the whole family or just us, because if we ask Aunt Francis or if it gets round to her we’re asking she’ll be upset, so did you send them to Aunt Francis and Uncle Paul and Uncle Peter and Auntie Phil too? It’s okay if you didn’t but we wanted to know so we’d know.


PS I’m making sure Gwenog comes so you can talk about Quidditch!

Megan Jones
Zacharias Smith

Dear Megan,

Yes, I do still eat fish and chips. And yes, I know there’s beer in the batter, it’s fine. I haven’t suddenly developed an allergy to alcohol. I’ve just made a lifestyle choice.

I think Aunt Francis is pushing it, unfortunately. It’s mostly for Helga’s residents and business so I’m thinking your immediate family, the ones involved in running the Badger.


Um. Did you mean to invite me to this? Can I bring my girlfriend? You didn’t say if it was plus one or not.


Barney Dunstan
Zacharias Smith

Dear Barney Mr Dunstan,

Of course you may.

Zacharias Smith

Oh okay thank you me and Stella will be there.

Barney Dunstan

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for your gracious invitation. We are more than happy to accept, and look forward to seeing you at your home on the 6th.

Ophelia Selwyn

on behalf of Gavin MacDougal

Ophelia Selwyn

Dear Zach,

Thank you for your invitation. I would be delighted to accept.


on behalf of herself

Susan Bones
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