RP: Stolen

Who: Stephen Cornfoot, Susan Bones, Daisy Radford
Where: Village Hall
When: 21 June 2002, during the Dance-A-Thon

Stephen Cornfoot

Radford was getting close to the truth, the fumbling long arm of the law finally beginning to grasp onto something solid. Therefore, it was time for Radford to lose his grip on everything. To see him unravel would be beautiful.

An opportunity had presented itself surprisingly quickly. The Dance-A-Thon provided plenty of distractions for the hapless Hit Wizard when half the village was either dancing or watching the competitors. Waiting for Susan to escort Daisy to the little girls’ room took a little longer than desirable, but sure enough the little princess in her glittery pink shoes came along in due course, clutching the hand of her mama badger.

“Hello, Susan. Don’t you look lovely this evening. And you too, Daisy. I don’t think I’ve even seen such lovely shoes. You know, I do hate to be a nuisance, but…” A wry smile distracted from a poised wand. “Actually, I do quite like being a nuisance. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take Daisy now. It’s just something that’s got to happen.” Before she could scream, Daisy was hit by a silencing charm. “Petrificus Totalus.”

No strangling here. Another dead body would really put a dampener on the evening when everyone was having so much fun. However, Susan wasn’t going to go down without a fight. To her credit, she got a few good curses in before a well-timed tripping jinx with just a bit of an extra kick to it sent her tumbling against the wall, her head meeting it with a sharp crack.

“Don’t worry, Daisy.” The friendly smile she was given only increased the panic in her wide eyes. “You’re not going to get hurt.” Daisy’s terror dissolved into an unfocused stare as the Imperius Curse took her over once again, her malleable young mind easily controlled. Daisy’s limbs loosened when the Full-Body Bind was released and she stood there obediently as a strategic Obliviate stole Susan’s memories of this encounter.

Daisy took the hand that was offered to her, this time returning the smile she was given.

“Come on, sweetheart. It’s playtime.”

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