Owl Post

16 April 2001

To: Barney Dunstan
From: Taliesyn Robards

Taliesyn Robards

Dear Barney,

Happy Birthday!

Now that you’re 23, I think you’re ready for the big time. I think you’re ready for this. I know it’s not your forte, but you never know what new opportunities this may bring.

With best wishes,

PS: Admittedly I don’t actually think you should do it; I just saw this book and thought of you.

PPS: Unless you actually want to, of course. Though I haven’t vetted the information inside. But I’m sure you can tell if it’s useful or not.

PPPS: Unicorns are quite cool, aren’t they?

Unicorns: The Myths, Legends, and Lore

Oh thankyou and yes unicorns are very cool but I don’t think I could really farm them they are quite hard and you have to protect them from bad people and I am not so good at that. I know people can steal sheep and everything but it is not something that happens all that often and not by people using dark magic. But thank you for the book I will read it and enjoy it even if I don’t actually do it. Thank you!


Barney Dunstan
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