Owl Post

23 March 2002

To: Benjamin Macnair
From: Astoria Greengrass

Astoria Greengrass


Thank you again for your kind help in finding my poor kitty. You’ll be glad to know her appetite has finally returned to normal and she seems to have recovered from the scare.

Here is a picture of her saying thank you, and I’ve made these for you as a token of my gratitude and I hope you will find them useful.

I’m glad to have renewed our acquaintance.


[Enclosed is a photo of Lady, and a set of three hand-stitched handkerchiefs embroidered with ‘M’ for Macnair.]


Hi Astoria,

It’s fine, really. Nobody wants to leave the poor creature out in the snow. I’m just glad we found her okay.

Thanks for the handkerchiefs. I don’t really know what to do with— I’m sure they’ll be very useful.


Benjamin Macnair
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