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16 April 2001

To: Elodie Chambers
From: Barney Dunstan

Elodie Chambers

Cher Barney,

Happy birthday from Calvin and me! We hope that you are having a wonderful day and that Stella spoils you (as I know that she will). How is life on the farm? Are all of your animals well? Does Stella’s cat chase the ducks?

Life in Paris is very nice. Cal is learning what I think must be his fourteenth language (he says only his tenth, but I do not believe him). The baby is growing and making me very fat (Cal also says that is not true, but again I do not believe him). I hope that you and Stella will come visit us again soon, and perhaps we will come to you when the baby is born if not before!

I hope you enjoy your present. It is so you will look trés chic in front of the press as Stella does.

Elodie (and Cal)

[Enclosed is a very smart suit jacket and shirt.]

Oh thank you Elodie for the present and thank Cal too although I am sure you chose it. Sometimes I am worried about what I wear when I go places with Stella so it is good to have something picked out for me. Stella helps me but I don’t want to bother her with it too much in case she decides she needs a more glamorous boyfriend and I don’t want to wear the same outfit each time either so thank you.

All of the animals are well and looking forward to spring it is starting to get warmer here now although it is still too cold for some of them. The ducks are too smart to get chased because they can fly so if there is anything around that wants to chase them they go and sit on the top of their little house. Stella got me a proper pond for them because the old one was just a paddling pool really and now they have lots of space and we can plant good plants in there for them and they will not have to eat people food all the time.

I am glad the baby is growing you would not want him to stop and maybe you are getting a bit fat but I am sure you look lovely anyway and that is what Cal means. I’m sorry I can’t come more often but I have to find someone to look after the farm so it is hard but after the baby is born you should bring him or her because children love farms and animals.

It was nice to hear from you and hope you stay well.


Barney Dunstan
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