Owl Post

26 November 2001

To: Cary Robards
From: Astoria Greengrass

Astoria Greengrass

Dear Cary,

Thank you for inviting me to the Blue Moon Ball, but regretfully I must decline. In fact I think it would be for the best if we stopped seeing each other.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better and I hope to remain

Your friend,
Astoria Greengrass

Dear Astoria,

If we do ever get married, I’m framing that letter and giving it to you as a wedding present. Honestly I think I’d get married just so I could do that.

Well that’s a bummer. Not sure we could be friends though. It generally doesn’t work that way. You’d have to give me some time.


Cary Robards
Astoria Greengrass


A bummer?

I understand. I’ll hope to see you around. I I really would like to be friends, eventually.


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