Owl Post

25 November 2001

To: Romilda Vane
From: Taliesyn Robards

Taliesyn Robards

Dear Romilda,

I’m sorry we couldn’t see each other yesterday.

But then I thought, that’s no reason why you should have to miss out on absolutely everything.

So I’ve still made you a bacon sandwich.


PS: If this owl is too early and woke you up, I’m so sorry.

PPS: If this owl is too late and you’ve already eaten, I’m so sorry.

PPPS: I thought of delivering it personally but I didn’t want to risk running into Matilda, who’d probably confiscate my gift and then chase me down the street.

[Package contains one hot bacon sandwich well-wrapped in greaseproof paper and a thermos of tea.]

Dear Tali,

I think this might well be the strangest thing anyone has ever sent me, but also the absolute best on a cold morning like this. Thank you.

I haven’t eaten yet and the owl didn’t wake me, so it all worked out well. You made the right call about Matilda!

We’ll see each other soon.


Romilda Vane
Taliesyn Robards

Dear Romilda,

No-one has sent you breakfast through the post before? I’m astonished. A missed opportunity!

Matilda does seem rather draconian. She’s like Customs. Does she make all of you turn out your pockets before you’re allowed in… oh lord, I’m sorry, that was rude and uncalled for. I’m sure she wouldn’t do a thing like that. I’m very sorry. I can totally imagine it though.

Well, Dorothy has gone to visit her grandfather for a couple of days. So soon sounds… promising.


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