Owl Post

27 October 2001

To: Zacharias Smith
From: Wayne Hopkins

Wayne Hopkins


Did you send me a weird owl in the middle of the night? Because it wasn’t Louisa, and it sounds like probably it’s a joke, but I just figured I’d… check.

Assuming it wasn’t you and you’re not trying to leave the country, I decided I’d finally do this dinner party on Wednesday night. I’m about to write to everyone else about it but you’re still not using your journal, right? I don’t know how you feel about a dinner party with Hannah and Ernie and all but… hopefully everyone can make it and get along. See you then?



I have not sent anyone weird owls. Idris has taken away all my quills. Why am I supposedly trying to leave the country?

I will go to your dinner party. They can go hang if they don’t like it.


Zacharias Smith
Wayne Hopkins


OK, I figured it really wasn’t you that owled. So I guess it’s just a prank but I don’t know who’d want to prank me.

Oh and Louisa met my parents today. It went pretty well, actually, I think. Now I guess next comes meeting her mother. At some point. At least I don’t have to meet her Dad…

Anyway glad you can come and are not fleeing the country, see you Wednesday.


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