Owl Post

13 October 2001

To: Cary Robards
From: Astoria Greengrass

Astoria Greengrass

I’m afraid I can’t make it this afternoon, some things have come up that I have to take care of today. Have fun though.



Have fun? By myself?

Is this about Heidi blabbing?


Cary Robards
Astoria Greengrass


No, I’ve just

Well, I am busy. But since you brought it up, I’m also not very pleased about that. In the journals she was asking if we’d shagged yet and calling me Mrs Robards and I don’t even know if you’re actually my boyfriend. Are you?

I hate her. She is vile. I think she’s obsessed with me. She’ll probably try to seduce you now so, watch out. She probably has diseases.



She’s just teasing you because teasing you is so easy. You shouldn’t pay any heed to what she says.

Of course I’m your boyfriend. I’m not ashamed. Are you?


Cary Robards
Astoria Greengrass


I just don’t appreciate her bringing up those kinds of things. It’s none of her business. And I don’t know if 

I liked it better when it was just our business.


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