Owl Post

10 September 2001

To: Stella Chambers
From: Sebastian Stebbins

Sebastian Stebbins


I hope this owl actually finds you. I sent it to your brother’s house in France on the off chance that you’re actually there. That’s the last place I heard you were and I would absolutely hate to wear out this poor bird. If you’re already back in the country, I say you owe it an owl treat or two.

Where am I? Helga’s Hill, of course. How on Earth am I supposed to have any sort of housewarming without one of my favourite girls? Or, for that matter, with Barney looking as though someone has just kicked a puppy.

Come home, Stella. I want to hear all about your foray into the world of acting. Besides, what red-blooded male wouldn’t want you to talk dirty to him?



I’m back in Helga’s Hill, actually. I’m staying with Alicia so I can get to practices and the WWN. Haven’t gone out much beyond that. I don’t want to make things harder for Ba anyone right now. My brother forwarded your letter using his owl, however. Yours is presumably being spoiled by my sister-in-law and considering never returning to you.

If you feel like chatting, come over. I can’t promise to be good company, but I’ll give it a go.


Stella Chambers
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