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31 July 2001

To: Romilda Vane
From: Tom Pippin

Tom Pippin

Hi Romilda!

Here’s the official apprentice application form. You can work through it at your own pace but having said that sooner would be better. You can skip the part about references and prior experience — Lucinda has had a word and if you’re unjustly overlooked I’m sure she’ll have many more. Don’t worry if you’re stumped by some of the tasks. They’re meant to be challenging and sometimes they’re a bit pot luck and there’s no ‘perfect’ solution. It’s more a gauge of potential. Don’t bother posting — you can leave it at J Pip’s when you’re done.

Good luck!


Tom Pippin

Dear Applicant,

There are seven tasks you must complete to be considered for the position of apprentice at J Pippin’s. All the ingredients are provided. Vials have also been provided for you to store your work. Careless labelling will be looked upon unfavourably.

Please send all finished tasks to:

J Pippin’s
81 Diagon Alley

Yours faithfully,
J. L. Pippin

Tom Pippin

Tasks —

1. Please fill out the applicant questionnaire. Include your resume and two references.

2. Potions General Knowledge Quiz

3. Potions Identification. 10 potions have been provided. Please identify them. Show your reasoning.

4. Potions Brewing — Standard. Please brew the following five most common potions. No instructions provided.

5. Potions Brewing — Advanced. Please brew the following three specialist potions. Incomplete instructions provided. Gaps where indicated.

6. Potions Brewing — Quality Control. Five potions of varying quality have been provided. Critique the brews and repair/improve any that you find unsatisfactory.

7. Potions Brewing — Creative. 12 random ingredients have been provided. Concoct the most useful or valuable potion you can from these 12 ingredients.

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