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30 July 2001

To: Lexie MacDonald
From: Heidi MacDonald

Heidi MacDonald


Hey sis,

If I had a sickle for every time I heard that! Seriously though, glad to see you’re feeling better. Hope you learned a valuable lesson from this.


Lexie MacDonald
Heidi MacDonald

Are you fucking insane??? How DARE you go through my private stuff and write in MY journal?! You had no right to say any of those things!!

The same way you thought it was okay to stick a picture of me in your journal and solicit for guys to hit on me. Heidi, I wanted to come and stay with you to take my mind off the fact I’d just broken up with Hugh. I really didn’t need you telling the world my business.

Besides, we both know I could’ve said much worse about you. That Sylvie Fawcett girl seemed a bit too keen, but I didn’t tell her about your daddy issues or anything important. (By the way, is she like that with everyone or does she have something personal against you? Because I can come and have words, if you want.)


Lexie MacDonald
Heidi MacDonald


I thought I was doing you a favour but FINE, next time I won’t bother.

Fawcett’s like that with everyone. I don’t need you to fight my battles for me. And I don’t have d



Thank you. Guess that’s as close to an apology as I’m going to get.

Fair enough. Take care, little sis. Try not to run into any more burning buildings, yeah? I don’t know how I would’ve broken that to our mum.

L x

Lexie MacDonald
Heidi MacDonald

I still hate you, you know.

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