Owl Post

18 July 2001

To: Taliesyn Robards
From: Audrey Singh

Audrey Singh

Dear Tali,

Happy belated birthday. I’m sorry that I’m getting this to you a day late. I’ve been very a bit distracted lately, but that is hardly an excuse. Especially since you’ve never missed a birthday of mine.

I hope this goes a bit of the way towards making it up to you and that your day was lovely.

Lots of love,

[Enclosed is a large parcel of homemade biscuits and a copy of The Story of Tea.]

The Story Of Tea

Dear Audrey,

This has cheered me up no end. It might actually be better a day later because on my birthday I was a mess distracted. So don’t feel bad about it! You’re a darling.

With affection,

Taliesyn Robards
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