Owl Post

5 July 2001

To: Wayne Hopkins
From: Cynthia Hopkins

Cynthia Hopkins

Wayne sweetie,

It was so nice to see you and Eloise last month. We all really should get together more often! We’ve been busy busy of course (the American tour was just wonderful, we’ll have to tell you all about it) and just when we thought things might slow down a bit — well I’m excited to tell you we have some big news! Now you mustn’t tell anyone just yet, but I know you don’t like surprises, so we thought we should tell you first — The Curl and the Flame is going to be a serial on the WWN! Your father and I are just thrilled at the idea of hearing it come to life, but we’re also feeling a little protective of our baby. But we decided we’d give it a chance, even if they have to make a lot of changes to put it on the air. Whatever happens, the important thing is that the fans are happy!

So that’s our news — how about you, dearie? Anything new to report? Work? Girls? Hope you’re well.

Mummy (and Dad)

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