Golden Apples

6 June 2001

[Posted on the noticeboard at Golden Apples Market. A similar ad will appear in the Daily Prophet classifieds on Thursday.]

For Sale:

2 x Firebolt Falcon — manufactured 2000. All the features of the original Firebolt design adapted for the Antipodean market. Extra-resistant against harsh weather conditions. Fireproof. Repels insects and other small flying creatures. In good condition. 480 galleons o.n.o.

1 x Australian Quidditch League winner’s medal — 1999.

1 x Asian Championships winner’s medal — 1999.

Various other items of Australian Quidditch League paraphernalia, mostly Warriors and Thunderers. Match jerseys, training jerseys and other team gear, matchday programs, etc. Genuine articles for collectors and fans.

All inquiries to Z Smith
1 Loyalty Drive
Helga’s Hill

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