Owl Post

1 April 2001

To: Katie Bell, Sylvie Fawcett, Alicia Spinnet, and Percy Weasley
From: George Weasley

George Weasley

Happy birthday to me! Because I am truly generous of spirit, I am reverse-gifting. These biscuits will help you enjoy a fabulous day like today.


P.S. You should still send me prezzies though

[Enclosed: cookies that, when eaten, cause you to say the opposite of what you mean. Effects wear off after several hours, or sooner if you’re drinking a lot of liquids.]

Happy birthday, George. I know I said it over the weekend, but it bears repeating, especially on the actual day.

I am not eating the biscuits. Nice try, though. I’m glad you Fr— Are they a new product for the shop?

Your brother,

Percy Weasley
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