Owl Post

2 June 2001

To: Veronica Smethley
From: Moira Lynch Williams

Moira Lynch Williams

Dear Roni,

I’m completely crushed that I won’t be able to make it to your party tonight. I’d planned on it, but Arabella seems to have picked up a bit of a bug and Benjy has to be in Puddlemere for a late practice. (I’d ask my brother, but would you leave Aidan alone with a baby? The only other option is Hannah and I impose on her for babysitting far too much as it is.) Such is life with a wee one, I’m afraid. Can I make it up to you by taking you out for lunch when Bells is back in top form?

I hope you have a lovely evening and this gift makes up a bit for my absence!


[Enclosed is an assortment of brightly colored leotards and tights.]

Dear Moira,

Do not worry about it! Your baby comes first and I hope she feels better soon! When she is better we will have a great lunch. That sounds fun!

Love your friend,

Veronica Smethley
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