Owl Post

28 May 2001

To: Percy Weasley
From: Gawain Robards

Gawain Robards

Dear Mr Weasley,

Well, I must say I’m very pleased you’ve decided to return to civil service. If you have not made enquiries for your favoured positions yet, may I suggest a return to the Department of International Magical Cooperation? I realise you might not wish to return to your old stomping ground, but the days of Crouch Snr are long gone. There’s currently a big push to change the ideologies of countries who are rather lax when it comes to policing the dark arts. It will be a long battle but there may come a day when Durmstrang ceases teaching it to their students. You might find being part of such a movement fulfilling.

Or, I may be looking for an Assistant Head myself. To tell the truth, I would not have thought of it until Mr Macmillan, a Hufflepuff who fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, enquired about a position without actually being a “blood and guts” Auror, as he put it. I have not yet decided whether such a position is warranted, but if you are interested, it may sway me in favour.

I hope you find the news helpful in your career resurrection.

Yours Sincerely,
Gawain Robards

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