Owl Post

17 May 2001

To: Gawain Robards
From: Percy Weasley

Percy Weasley

Dear Mr. Robards,

I must thank you for your kind words about my employment situation a few weeks prior. If you don’t mind, I have a few things I’d like to say. Recent events have stirred up many thoughts in my mind, and I hope that by explaining them to someone else I might be able to sort them out a bit better.

I admit that I was having misgivings about working for Mr. Orpington, and I only regret that I did not act on them sooner. I still believe, as ever, that the Calliope Heights project is a brilliant vision of true progress in a – I am realizing more and more each day – vibrant and interesting community. However, at this point I no longer wish to be involved. I would prefer to support it from a distance.

You mentioned the possibility of my returning to the Ministry of Magic, which I must say I find intriguing – though also worrying. It is a place where I was once my worst self, a self that I do not wish to become again. But perhaps, with vigilance, I could work for the government without losing myself. After all, I was still entrenched in the Office of the Minister when I realized what I had become and began to turn around.

So as I find myself now an out of work consultant, I am seriously considering becoming, once again, a civil servant.

Percy Weasley

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